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I’m so happy a friend recommended me to Goddington Pierce, the service was amazing and I especially like that I have one consultant to look after me should I have any issues! Highly recommend!

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About Goddington Pierce

Goddington Pierce is an umbrella broker, which puts the needs and wants of the contractor first. 

We take the leg work from you providing you with a tailored service which will include; a shortlist of umbrella companies, a clear take home illustration, a summary of the specific benefits and all the latest deals available to you.

Once you are happy with your results, we can help take you through any sign up process and explain anything you are unsure about. We will be with you every step of the way and will always be there for you should you require anything.



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If you would like to speak to one of our consultants, who can advise and guide you towards an appropriate umbrella, then please get in touch.

An Umbrella Broker is a company that will seek to find the best umbrella company for your specific needs. Most agencies that you deal with will give you a PSL list to pick from, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any of them will be what you are looking for.

We, as an umbrella broker, will have a conversation with you to find out what it is you are looking for and then offer you a quote from the umbrella company that will best suit your needs.

The IR35 legislation affects all public sector contractors who have to report to someone. If you are within this category of contractors then as of April 2016, all contractors will be legally obliged to use an Umbrella company for their payroll solutions.

They’re actually one of the most common options for contractors because of how easy they make things for yourself.

While limited companies need to be set up and run by contractors, umbrella companies simply hire contractors as pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) employees. You are added to the payroll of the umbrella company and pay a fee to them. For this fee, they take care of all your administrative and financial duties – like a permanent employer.

They will provide statutory rights like insurance and paid leave. They’re also responsible for paying your taxes, so any money you receive is your take home pay. However, unlike a permanent employer, your umbrella company won’t set you to work. You can take on contracts as normal, focus on work and leave the administrative work to them.

Umbrella companies are a great option for contractors who want to keep things simple. They take the administrative burden of invoicing, payroll and tax off your plate, giving you a final sum of ‘take home pay’ every week, or after each job.
Due to changes in IR35, having a limited company isn’t possible for everyone. If you work under the direction of control (you have a manager) then legally speaking you would have to use an Umbrella company as opposed to using a LTD company.

Goddington Pierce will not charge a fee to any candidates. We already have agreements set in place with the umbrella companies that we work with. By using Goddington Pierce, it will not affect the take home quote provided.

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