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Defer Tax

Self-Employed Defer Tax

The UK has seen a surge in the amount of people choosing to utilise the Government’s ‘Time To Pay’ scheme. Find out why, how and if you’re eligible to do the same in this blog.

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Do I Need To Do A Tax Return?

Do I Need To Do A Self-Assessment Tax Return?

Establishing whether or not you are required to complete a self-assessment tax return can be a tricky business. We at Goddington Pierce have tried to lessen the burden a little and put together some important information to help clarify things…

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Covid Excuse For Bad Service

Covid Still Used As Excuse For Bad Service

Recent surveys have shown that vast amounts of people are irritated over the prolonged effect the Coronavirus has had on customer service around the country. Many are starting to believe the response “due to Covid” is more of a cop-out than a genuine excuse for diminished customer support.

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Neptune Wave

The Neptune Wave

The East Sussex, Neptune wave that’s had everyone talking! See the photograph for yourself and tell us what you think…

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